Acute myeloid leukemia patients clustered into groups by their pkc proteins and phosphoprotein levels. Heatmap shows data from fresh bone marrow and peripheral blood samples.

Outcome Curves

Overall Survival Complete Remission
All Fav. Int. Unfav.
os_fav os_unf os_tot cr_tot os_all_DNMT3Amt os_all_DNMT3Awt cr_all_DNMT3Amt cr_all_DNMT3Awt os_all_IDH1mt cr_all_IDH1mt os_all_IDH1wt cr_all_IDH1wt os_all_IDH2mt cr_all_IDH2mt os_all_IDH2wt cr_all_IDH2wt os_all_N-MUT&F-MUT cr_all_N-MUT&F-MUT os_all_N-MUT&F-WT cr_all_N-MUT&F-WT os_all_N-WT&F-MUT cr_all_N-WT&F-MUT os_all_N-WT&F-WT cr_all_N-WT&F-WT os_int cr_int os_int_DNMT3Amt cr_int_DNMT3Amt os_int_DNMT3Awt cr_int_DNMT3Awt os_int_flt3mt cr_int_flt3mt os_int_flt3wt cr_int_flt3wt os_int_IDH1mt cr_int_IDH1mt os_int_IDH1wt cr_int_IDH1wt os_int_IDH2mt cr_int_IDH2mt os_int_IDH2wt cr_int_IDH2wt os_int_npm1mt cr_int_npm1mt os_int_npm1wt cr_int_npm1wt cr_fav cr_unf

Functional Patterns

Pattern 1
Pattern 2
Pattern 3
Pattern 5
Pattern 6